Mega Man: Powered Up – “Omega Dance” October 2011 – December 2011  Engine: (Construction Set)

The Mega Man: Powered Up levels was a project I worked on independently of Guildhall. I wanted to demonstrate more of my 2D work and skill, and so utilized old, pre-production maps from Love Me and modified them to work with Powered Up’s built in Construction engine. I consider the two levels to work as a pair: Easing in acts as a tutorial stage with a short, simple layout and easy platforming, while Omega Dance is much harder and designed for more experienced Mega Man players. There is no story behind the levels, gameplay was my only consideration.


Since the game is PSP only, and I could not find a way to feed the game into a computer or better monitor, the screenshots are a bit faded and blurry due to being captured with an external camera. Please excuse the fine lack of detail.   |   214.546.1414   |   copyright © 2012 Taylor Kerr