January 2010 – December 2011  |  The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University,  Plano, Texas


• Certificate in Digital Game Design, specialization in Level Design

o Classes included practice with game engines, design theory, narrative practice, entry level art and programming, and large scale team games.

o Utilized musical background to compose in-game soundtrack and mix sound effects

August 2006 – December 2009  |  The University of Oklahoma,  Norman, Oklahoma


• Bachelor of Musical Arts

o Ritter Family Music Scholarship.

o Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts Dean’s Honor Roll.

o Graduated with distinction.





• Level Design skills: Planning and constructing level and game flow from concepts and design doc to in-engine creation. In-engine creation includes blockout (BSP, static mesh placement), texturing, lighting, scripting. Engines include Unreal Editor 3, UDK, G.E.C.K., Gears of War Editor, Torque X, Hammer, Unity.


• Music and Sound Skills: Both creation and editing of original and pre-existing music and sound through tools, such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, Garage Band, Finale, and instruments electronic keyboard and cello.


• Story Creation: Writer and planner of game dialogue, story premise, and character details.


• Art Skills: Model building and texture application in 3DS Max, and texture and map creations in Adobe Photoshop.


• Programming: Familiarity with languages C# and Lua.



Game Experience


“Love Me” |  UDK Engine |  Fourteen Developer Team |  January – May 2011


The game is a single-player, 2.5D, side-scrolling puzzle platformer created through the UDK engine. A fourteen-developer team including producer, game designer, five level designers, five artists and two programmers built the game.


My tasks as a level designer included:


• Placed enemies and basic puzzles into each level


• Compiled all sound effects for the game, including voiceovers


• Triggered music to loop during gameplay and fade when watching cutscenes


• Designed overall layout and experience of fourth and final stage


• Polished gameplay and design alongside other Level Designers by repeated testing and changing of geometry, puzzles, and decoration placement



“Escape Artists” |  Gears of War Editor |  Solo Project |  October – December 2010

The level is a single-player, 3D, third-person shooter level created through the Gears of War editor. The level is a solo project.


My tasks for this level included:


• Drafted initial document and maps for solid outline of geometry and gameplay progression


• Built level from scratch utilizing static meshes and BSP to create cave environment


• Set path nodes and collision boundaries so player and enemies could move properly


• Utilized Kismet tool to control enemy spawns, camera shakes, objective descriptions, and scripted events on triggers



“Gravity” |  UDK Engine |  Seven Developer Team |  August – October 2010

The game is a single-player, 3D, first-person shooter level created through the UDK editor. A team of seven people, including producer, game designer, three artists, two level designers and a programmer built the game.


My tasks for this level included:


• Constructed combat-based room and the challenges it entailed


• Compiled all sound effects and music for the game


• Wrote story and background for the game, including in-game dialogue and text


• Polished gameplay and design alongside other Level Designers



“Crissaegrim: The War Against Zelrakis” |  Torque X Engine |  Four Developer Team |  March – May 2010


The game is a single-player, 2D, top-down scrolling shooter made in the Torque X engine. A four-developer team including two level designers, one artist and one programmer built the game.


My tasks as a level designer included:


• Composed the game’s all original musical soundtrack


• Designed tutorial stage and final stage, including enemy and environment placement


• Wrote story and background for game, including level progression and story-text screens


• Implemented all sound effects in the game



Activities and awards


• Guildhall ‘Audioriffic’ award for sound work on Love Me


• Winner of Game Developers Conference Online 2010 Game Narrative Review Competition.


• Classically Trained Cellist of 10 ½ years.


• Creative fiction writer, from short stories and poetry to class projects like movies or skits.


• Actor, including UIL competition and high school Peter Pan production.


• Eagle Scout.   |   214.546.1414   |   copyright © 2012 Taylor Kerr